Dear Friends, I have had many bizarre fixations in my life: Tumblr, collecting Digimon figurines, consistently refusing to step on cracks while walking on sidewalks, and only writing at 3am; to name a few. These compulsive habits have come and gone, although sometimes resurfacing themselves at the most unnecessary moments. For example: I could be … More Fixations


Toronto, Ontario: my home. I have been back for a little short of a month (sorry guys for the lack of reading material) and it has made such an impact. I feel centred and content for the first time in a long while. I have started a new job. I moved into a new home. … More Home

Final Leg

I am on my way to Korea! So bizarre to think that this means my trip has almost reached the end. I am so flabbergasted by how quickly time has gone by. Four months ago I decided to leave Toronto. Three months ago I landed in Malaysia. Now my time abroad is almost over!