“What is your story”?

“So, how would you describe yourself”?

“So, who are you as a person”?

“What is your story”?

I realize the older I get, the more these questions irritate me. I know, most of them come up during interviews however, in one-on-one interactions between individuals hoping for friendship, I find it cheap.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy that another individual is genuinely interested in hearing what I have to say – point in case this post – however, is the summation of my life up until now the best way to get to know me? There is no context. There is no depth. Whatever story I say will be fluff. Plus, nine times out of ten, what are you actually taking away from what I am saying?

Why not wait and naturally let these stories unfold? If something in my past is pertinent to our present interactions, I am sure a story or two will make a cameo.

Why not get to know the individual in front of you? Rather than a strange preconceived notion based on bias and half-truths (not saying that we are intentionally lying, however as my friend Jeremy Yorga once said: I can’t base anything on ‘douche-truth’*).

“What do you think about…”?

You can insert whatever topic applicable and it would be a thousand times better.

We are so quick to put one another in easily compartmentalised boxes, but there is always more. Whether it is the fact that in my head, I think I am Laura Croft from Tomb Raider, or the contrary to that information, I have never seen the film.

Or perhaps I am just insane?


*douche-truth is the way an individual makes things sound worse than they actually are. Generally after mounting concerns have not been raised, therefore making all action an issue.

In a snarky voice: “He told me the dress looked better in green, he’s the worst”.



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