Dear Beautiful Human in the Black Maxi Dress,

I know that society has done a number on us all.

We need to be this, or that. Taller, shorter, paler, darker, curvier, skinnier; the list is constant.

We go to the gym, to look like women or men in magazines.

We poke fun at those individuals.

We wear pink on Wednesday.

We wear calculated outfits that have gradually been imposed upon us over time by unobtrusive adverts and the general population in which we live. I mean, maxi dresses were hard to find a few years back, but now everyone seems to have one. Although, they are incredibly comfortable, so I think men and women should share in the joy of their polyester blend.

We are constantly struggling to find an identity in a world that wants to craft us into whatever it needs us to be.

So I forgive you.

I also agree: I do not have much in the way of boobs.

I am a half Asian woman, with boobs that are perfect for my body, and I am completely happy with that. So I am sorry, I am sorry that you felt uncomfortable with that. I am sorry that you felt the need to laugh and comment on my body.

“If I had no boobs, I would never wear an outfit like that” you stated as I walked past you.

I was shocked by your audaciousness, so I kept walking. I mean, was your intention for me to stop and chat? To talk about my stylistic choices and how they differ from yours? Or why I had chosen against wearing a bra that night (#freechesthappybreats)?

Or was your intention to hurt a random stranger with your comment?

If that was the case, I want to say this: I wish I had turned around and said thank you. I wish I had told you that you had awesome lipstick on and wished you a wonderful evening. For you to want to attack a stranger, to want to hurt someone without cause, must mean you have been hurt as well.

So to you I say this: YOU are BEAUTIFUL.

Let us not permeate the same decisions that others have made before us:


You can look at any individual and see something: maybe their fingers (I always thought I had nice hands) or their hair? The way they tilt their head to the side inquisitively? When you actually look at someone, there is a lot more to see than a black jumper that may or may not be filled out in all the right places.

Sending you lots of love,




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