Café Review: The Shire Cafe


If you have been to Kuala Lumpur before, you are probably well acquainted with the hundreds of trendy cafés, bars, and restaurants. There is literally something for everyone: from dietary restricts that touch the realms of allergies and religion, to themed environments made specifically for local fandoms.

During my most recent visit to KL, I did not spend as much time in my favourite shops throughout the city. I did however, make it to a new café called The Shire Cafe.

The Shire Cafe, if you haven’t guessed, is a Lord of The Rings themed café (yes, I love LoTR. Yes, I am a dork). Immediately upon entering the space, you are greeted with faint melody of tracks the trilogies soundtrack and a giant hobbit hole; for fan photo opportunities. Lining the walls are a ridiculous amount of paraphernalia and by the espresso bar there is a map of Middle Earth.


Settling in was great. The owner seated us by the window and walked us through the ordering process on their iPad menus. The menu itself is a .pdf file, which you bring up to the espresso bar and place your order. Defeats the purpose of the iPad ordering system but I like the human interaction! While you’re waiting for your food, you have an unlimited amount of games available electronically. There are also clips of the movie rotating on the main page.

They really wanted to touch upon the finer details.

The food here is fantastic!

Compliments to the owner and chef, for allowing us to sample the amazing Lembas bread! “One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of any man” may have been true, however I was a bit gluttonous and wanted to try the whole menu.





I decided upon The Queen; a waffle topped with eggs, smoked salmon, and mayo. My friend chose a bread waffle wrapped hotdog, filled with cheese and topped with mayo.

If you do not like mayo, it is a staple in a lot of restaurants. My recommendation: always ask! Also, please note that mayonnaise in Asia is quite a bit sweeter than in North America.

I definitely want to try the of their sweets waffles next time: particularly the Pippin or Sam! Also, their coffee topped with candy sounds absolutely fantastic.

I was very satisfied with my MC smoothie – mango and carrot really works well together – and The Queen waffle. The staff, is wonderful and incredibly thoughtful. I would definitely recommend this café!


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