Not as Shocking as I Anticipated

Would you be shocked if you randomly decided to track what you eat regularly? Would you be honest with the results? Would your eating habits change because they were being monitored? Follow my journey as I attempt to unravel my own habits in regards to my favourite thing: food.

Amongst those closest to me, I am known for under eating or over indulging, and testing out new cuisine quite regularly. All of which is contrary to one another, and from both a health and financial stand point: questionable.

Therefore I have decided to capture my meals in what I am now calling: “Sam Is…” to try and evaluate what I am consuming. Is there cause for concern? Will changes need to be implemented?

We are what we eat after all!

Day One
Today started out with a lovely bowl of honey Greek yogurt from Liberté and Special K cereal. On the side there was two pieces of Nutella slathered rye bread and a glass of fresh orange juice. As I only committed to begin this project in the later half of my day, unfortunately my breakfast was not captured.

It is always nice to set yourself up for writing success: great croissants are generally key.

I decided to try and write at a café in the mid afternoon, and settled down with a spiced hot chocolate and pistachio croissant at Clockwork Coffee in the downtown core. An old friend and co-worker of mine is the manager there and although not much writing was accomplished, I spent a fantastic afternoon chatting. I always feel very inspired when I interact with this friend, as he is such a light. I truly strive towards being as welcoming and thoughtful as he is. Such a humble soul.


Our time together ended with swirled ice cream from Godiva Chocolate – and a sipping chocolate for me. I just about went into a chocolate stupor.


In the later part of the day, I found myself at a burger shop with my sister. I ordered an “all the way, minus mushrooms” kids cheeseburger from Five Guys. If you have been to Five Guys before, you know the kids size is a one patty and the regular is a two. God, I wish I could still eat the regular! I know I would go into a food abyss, one with no return. So instead, I shared some cajun fries on the side, doused in pepper.

I will admit: at least once a day I think about milkshakes, burgers, and fries. It is quite disgusting but such is the truth. Hamburgers are possibly the only reason I could not be a vegetarian.

I finished off the day with my new tea infuser from David’s Tea and their Monk’s Blend. I am really enjoying the flavours and fragrance. It is a white tea base with jasmine and hibiscus. Nom. There is also a side of the Enzymatic from Impact Kitchen which I am sipping through at the moment.

The taste of vinegar is hard for me to swallow.

In conclusion
Today I ate like crap. There was an incredibly amount of gluten, transfats, lactate, granulated sugar, caffeine, starch, and processed chocolate. It is incredibly important for me to begin to pay attention to these bad habits and start correcting them as early as possible.

We only have one body, treat it well.


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