Dear Friends,

I have had many bizarre fixations in my life: Tumblr, collecting Digimon figurines, consistently refusing to step on cracks while walking on sidewalks, and only writing at 3am; to name a few.

These compulsive habits have come and gone, although sometimes resurfacing themselves at the most unnecessary moments. For example: I could be walking casually along the road until I look down and notice a split in the cement. This brief glance is followed by a lot of looking at my feet, as I try and navigate myself to my destination. Obviously to onlookers I probably appear as though I were jumping stones to avoid stepping in lava…or that I am crazy. But we aim for positivity.

To round up my introduction: my current fixation is a little app called Foap.

This is basically what the app looks like when open.

If you haven’t heard of it, essentially it is an app for any individual that owns a phone and uses said phone to take photos. What that person can then do is upload them on the app for a chance to have your photo purchased by a buyer for $5.

There are also community missions, where companies can endorse a particular concept (ie. Torontonian’s there is a contest for “Fall in Toronto” worth $200, so check it out).

All in all, the concept is very innovative and a great marketing strategy for companies. I am completely enthralled.

My addiction is now looking at hundreds of photos and analyzing them. Which is oddly making me a more critical photographer (although I use the term loosely). Everyday I get to view different parts of the world through the lens of someone else’s phone. There are spice shops, Gothic architecture, new born babies, and happy couples. Dogs, cats, and wild animals all in their own unique habitats.

I feel connected and inspired.

I feel driven to produce work that is equally compelling.

I am secretly hoping I win a contest…

Signing off,

A (hopefully soon but probably not, recovering) Foap Addict

PS, let’s connect on Foap my fellow users! Comment your username and I’ll go check out your page!


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