Toronto, Ontario: my home.20151001_183710_HDR

I have been back for a little short of a month (sorry guys for the lack of reading material) and it has made such an impact.

I feel centred and content for the first time in a long while.

I have started a new job. I moved into a new home. I am exercising a bit more. I’ve reestablished withered connections. Life is refreshing! There isn’t a sense of stagnant existence.

There have also been huge personal obstacles that I’ve begun to tackle. I’ve snipped a lot of negativity out of my immediate circle and have started to rebuild myself. I’ve danced and sung without reservation. I’ve eaten what and how much I’ve wanted. I have stopped feeling like a victim of circumstance.

Toronto, in a strange way, became an intrinsic part of me. I suppose it truly takes leaving the places you love to realize just how important they are to you.


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