Universal Language

“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Just reminiscing on a few weeks ago. Music is such a fantastic way to connect with people no matter what language you speak. Something about a melody, can transcend even the most difficult of barriers. This day was truly unforgettable.


Today I was scrolling through the ‘Most Popular’ page on YouTube when I came across a video about a young woman winning the title of Miss Japan. Usually, I overlook videos about any Trump endorsed competition because pageant life is not something that I am particularly interested in. This video, struck close to home. The title of … More #haafu


This Sunday evening – and who am I kidding, I went into Monday morning as well – I decided to try and play catch up on last week’s assignments in Blogging201. I feel a tad bit like a high school student again, eyes straining, trying to make up for lost time. Except I am not … More Blogging201