A Philosophical Friday

I spent a portion of my afternoon reading philosophical gibberish and noting the large juxtaposition of my coffee to water intake. Coffee was obviously larger. I am unsure as to what stirred my lethargic brain, however a latent part of myself has arisen with great fervor. Introducing FYP (Foundation Year Programme) Sam.

“The Book of Children” by Osho was recently gifted to me and in it, there is an interesting introduction about child development in relation to creativity. I have only just begun to delve into the book, but so far I have a few queries with the opening statements. Perhaps further reading will nullify these doubts, or perhaps the variances from societies all over the world will evidently play a key factor in my eventual conclusion.

Has anyone else read this novel? If yes, have you discussed it with any friends?
Have there been many conclusions to the interpretation of the text? I suppose the reason I ask is because I have only heard a monolithic perspective as of the present. Are the words of Osho that powerful? I shall see and a book review will be available soon.


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