Why Yes

Since November 2007, I have moved thirteen times.
Sometimes it was to a different country, other times to a different part of a city but every time staying incredibly thankful to all the individuals in my life. Even with the distances we managed to sustain our friendships.


With each move, it brought new faces and experiences which I would otherwise have never considered. Example: at one point in my life, I was horrified by spicy food. I honestly couldn’t fathom the idea of ingesting anything on the spice chart above mild wings. Somehow, with this great disgust, I agreed to a spice challenge when I relocated back to Mississauga. In preparation for it, I discovered a love for lip burning food! Go figure! But it was because I decided to live my life trying new things instead of allowing myself to be governed by my previous beliefs.

I have lived a majority of my young adult life without thinking much of this concept, so it threw me off guard when I was asked about it: why I always say ‘Yes’ to new experiences. The question made me think more sincerely than I assume was originally intended. Never in my life had I been told not to say ‘Yes’ to new experiences (the exception of drugs, alcohol and getting into a stranger’s car when I was a child). ‘Yes’ was a reaction to me.

‘Yes’ made sense.

‘Yes’ is what brought me to where I am.
‘Yes’ is why I am, the way I am.
‘Yes’ is something I choose every day, because I know, ‘No’ is always an option.
I think that is an important truth too: there is always a ‘No’.
‘No’ can save a life. ‘No’ can refresh you.

‘No’ is just a ‘Yes’ to another choice.

So YES, I generally respond ‘Yes’ to the many choices presented to me. This is not for any particular reason other than: I am living. But neither will I discount a ‘No’, because although it is not uttered from my lips as often, it is still a choice. It is my ‘Yes’ to another option.

I am sure there are more opinions on this topic and I would love to hear them! Let’s discuss below! Until next time,



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