Feeling Reflective

Feeling a bit reflective after such an intensive read. Almost two months into my job and I can hardly fathom the change within myself! I don’t feel like the person I was a few weeks ago, writing this, although I still believe my words. I am glad to still retain my excitement towards the unknown. Advertisements

A Philosophical Friday

I spent a portion of my afternoon reading philosophical gibberish and noting the large juxtaposition of my coffee to water intake. Coffee was obviously larger. I am unsure as to what stirred my lethargic brain, however a latent part of myself has arisen with great fervor. Introducing FYP (Foundation Year Programme) Sam. “The Book of … More A Philosophical Friday

Why Yes

Since November 2007, I have moved thirteen times. Sometimes it was to a different country, other times to a different part of a city but every time staying incredibly thankful to all the individuals in my life. Even with the distances we managed to sustain our friendships. With each move, it brought new faces and … More Why Yes


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”. An anonymous writer penned such an integral truth, one which I have been having  such difficulty articulating myself. I travel to experience life, not find or evade it. Life is what is happening now; whether you are sitting in an office, trekking through … More Life