Love Wins

Hello friends! Hope you enjoyed all the celebrations of equality and love! Happy Pride Toronto and congratulations America! Love truly does win!

In the part of the world I currently reside, the trickle of the events this past weekend are part of a gradual conversation. In every society, there are a those few incredibly accepting individuals – which is truly beautiful – who see a larger picture outside of what they have been conditioned to think. That being said, there is also the opposition, deeply seated in tradition and social norms. The ruling in Washington on Friday 26th, 2015; to allow all forms of love to be considered equal in the US of A is definitely shining more awareness on an issue that there are places that still do not allow such freedoms – with death being a known penalty. Hopefully these actions will inspire others in such communities to join the conversation.

Also a very Happy Birthday to Lauren Wheeler on her 22nd! Hugs and blessings are being sent your way! I am so thankful for you and I wish you the best in this year to remember! (you’re 22! Cue the Taylor Swift song!)


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