Snaps for Sam


My first week as ‘Teachaaa Sammm’ is complete and what an interesting start it has been! For one, I now know almost every one of my thirty student’s names (I was terrified Starbucks had ruined me and I wouldn’t be able to pick up anything). Snaps for Sam!

I have tried a plethora of amazing Malaysian food – my favourite being vegetarian curry and tissue roti this morning – and ‘knock-on-wood’ – I have not been sick. Snaps for Sam!

I am now Elsa from Frozen to some of my students. Snaps for Sam?

Working with children again is both a pleasure and a challenge, particularly because no matter where you are there are different codes of conduct when it regards those aged 1 to 18. Some institutions are heavy on rules and regulations while others are lax, and all I can really draw on is my own experience with kids. I am also being retaught by my students.

I am seeing the world as a giant new oyster, ready to be explored. Realizing it is okay to run and climb over things like monkeys sometimes, because we all need to be feel free of social conventions for even a brief moment, and that a smile is a gift to be treasured. Also that learning something new is amazing, and it is the best feeling in the world to be excited by something unknown.

There is so much more but I am off to the Batu Caves this morning. I’ll update you all soon!



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