A Quick Update

Hey friends!

I am currently just relaxing in Narita Airport, waiting for my next flight, and thought I would update you all at my pit stop. For anyone who was not aware, I used to live in Tokyo when I was in high school but it has been about six years since I have stepped foot in the country. I am incredibly happy to be back, even for the short six hours today. Ie, I am taking in the airport, that I really don’t remember and watching planes be pulled around to their docking station outside. Simple pleasures.

My update is as follows:

-Japan Airlines (JAL) has the best plane food out of all the airlines I have travelled with. Three snacks and two meals! Wooo! I can only imagine the premium seats!

-I really enjoy the on board media system! I learned about a Japanese reality show through it! Reality TV is my unfortunate guilty pleasure…

-There were some really smelly feet on that plane.

-I need to reign in my sleeping issues. My sleeping issue being my inability to stay awake and through this, I fall asleep on others. Yes, I am one of those individuals that bring about awkward situations that sitcoms wring out for ratings. I wish I was the adorable girl in the Asian dramas, but alas, I highly doubt a random stranger falling asleep on someone else’s shoulder is considered cute. My neck just doesn’t want to support my head though and it looks like a drooping flower when I awaken to sharp neck pains.

-The gentleman seated beside me was a saint.

-I am so excited to get to my destination!

Well wish me luck! Flying with Malaysian Airlines later! I also leave you with a question: do you have any strange travelling habits? Let me know! I can’t be the only one falling asleep on unsuspecting plane riders!



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