The End of One Chapter is the Beginning of Another

As I begin to divvy out my life, I am struck by just how many adventures I have had. In one pile of clothing, I have all the scandalous club outfits I thought I would wear more often. From a time that all I wanted to do was get lost in the beat of a song. There are books: stacks of them! Bringing back memories of an eclectic school that was the size of a quad but offered so much more. Photos of friends, in picture frames I bargained for, smiling so freely because the only thing in life that we once worried about was our families wondering where we were so late. Or albums, from a group of people I knew for such a short time, yet they pieced me back together while all I could do was fall apart.

I am about to start in a new direction: away from everything familiar and known. I suppose with age comes nervousness but I am as ecstatic! I am moving to Malaysia for the next three months! I cannot even fathom what the future will hold.


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